Incredible Things To Do On A Georgia Vacation

If you have been trying to think of a state for a vacation, think no further than the great state of Georgia. Located in the south, it will become your home away from home. If you have never had the opportunity to visit Georgia, we are going to take you on a virtual our of just a few opportunities that await you in this peach of a state. In fact, let’s begin our journey with peaches!

If you love fresh fruit right off the tree, there is no denying that Georgia is going to be your premiere destination for fresh peaches. In fact, you can take some time and tour a farm and maybe pick your own bushel right from the trees. However, if you prefer to let others do the cooking, you will find a wide variety of jams, pies, and other desserts all across the state that are made fresh daily and should be brought home as a reminder of the freshness and friendliness of this state.

If you are a fan of movies and television, you might have thought of a trip to California and not Georgia. However, Georgia has a thriving film community with tons of movies and television shows being filmed and produced yearly. In fact, if you are a fan of the Walking Dead, they film in Georgia! You just might bump into Andrew Lincoln or Norman Reedus…let’s just hope there are no walkers nearby though!

The one thing to remember is that Georgia can become quite hot and sticky in the summer months. So if you are looking for the most enjoyable Georgia vacation, you may want to visit during the winter in order to see all the sites without melting into the pavement or local swamp!