How Much Is Georgia’s State School Superintendent Salary? Less Than South Dakota’s

Few would likely describe him as hard up for cash, but Georgia’s state school superintendent is poorly paid relative to his peers across the country, according to a new analysis by a national education news outlet.

Education Week, a well-known publication in the nation’s capital, surveyed pay in the 50 states and the District of Columbia and ranked Georgia 41st, sandwiched between the Dakotas (South pays a few thousand more than North).

The current occupant of the elected superintendent’s office in Georgia, Richard Woods, is paid $123,700, the news outlet reports, lower than the national average of $174,000 and well behind Mississippi, where incumbent Carey Wright is the highest paid state superintendent in the nation at $300,000.

Woods, who runs the Georgia Department of Education and its $9 billion budget, can at least be thankful that he’s not in charge of education in Arizona, the lowest paying state, where Diane Douglas earns $85,000, or the next lowest-paying state, South Carolina, at $92,000.

Woods still earns far more than the highest paid teacher who is paid by the latest state salary schedule. It tops out around $80,000 for a teacher with two decades experience and the maximum education. Local school districts may enhance pay, but starting teacher pay on the state schedule is just above $30,000.

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